What data are you missing?
Unlocking Call Potential
Understand what's driving the most valuable calls to your business

Call Tracking Made Easy With CallLuge

Identify your top performing strategies, and see where your leads come from.

Small Business

Use caller insights to identify and target problem areas to help grow your business.


Show customers the value in their leads, and use call data to help drive more conversions.


Streamline and optimize your processes with real-time call data.

Key Features

Optimizing your marketing strategy can be difficult if you don't know which ad or campaign drives the most phone calls. CallLuge makes it easy.

Track phone conversions from all your advertising sources in PPC, SEO, Website, Print.

How CallLuge works... It's as simple as 1,2,3...

Optimize and track your marketing strategies with minimum effort and time with CallLuge Call Tracking

Create a call campaign
Assign a unique number to each campaign or to each ad channel, and determine which one drives the most phone calls
Insert CallLuge number changing script
Easily transcribe calls for your review
See how campaigns are performing
By tracking all calls you receive, you can determine which campaign or which channel is driving the most leads and conversions. Therefore, you can optimize your marketing strategy based on those findings.

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